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Justrite 7210220 Yellow AccuFlow Type II Safety Can, 1 gallon

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Part Number: 7210220

  • Sold Individually
  • 1 Gallon Capacity
  • Hose measurement .625" x 9"
  • Can Dimensions 9.5" x 10.5"
  • Automatic closure is integrated into a single patented, smooth pouring zinc die
    cast spout.
  • Easy filling with effortless pouting
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The Justrite 7210220 Yellow Safety Cans features a Safe-Squeeze trigger mechanism that releases liquid with precise timing. Appropriately colored safety cans can help in distinguishing liquids quickly and easily.  Justrite offers UNO's exclusive ergo-progressive design. The handle and trigger are designed for a normal usage - no unnatural gripping. The weight of the can rests firmly in the strongest part of the hand, the palm, while a simple finger squeeze on the trigger opens the piston-actuated spout and vacuum release valve for accurate pouring. The UNO feature a 1/2" raised bottom offers secure grip lip during pouring. Releasing the handle closes the valve to help protect against spilling or over filling.

The Justrite 7210220 Yellow Safety Can has a flexible metal hose that provides a grounding path to prevent static sparks when a grounding wire is used.

Color choices and common uses are as follows:

  • Red is the most popular option for flammable liquid.  Is also OSHA required
  • Blue cans can be used to store kerosine
  • Yellow cans are commonly used to store diesel fuel
  • Green cans frequently notify users of the storing of oils

Some optional colored Justrite products may not be stock items.  Call ahead for availability for an time sensitive orders!

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