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Miller by Honeywell Fusion Roof Anchor Post

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Part Number: FUSION

Product Name Price Qty
Standing Seam Roofing - Small Base, 11 3/4 - 17" Spacing

Part #: X10000

Standing Seam Roofing - Large Base, 11 3/4 - 21 1/4" Spacing

Part #: X10001

Standing Seam Roofing - Large Base & Extension Bars, 11 3/4 - 24" Spacing

Part #: X10002

Metal Sheathing Roofing - Small Base, 24-gauge min. thickness

Part #: x10010

Metal Sheathing Roofing - Large Base, 24-gauge min. thickness, 8"-20" trapezoidal spacing (1" increments)

Part #: X10011

Multi-Purpose Roofing - Metal sheathing, wood or concrete, no hardware included

Part #: X10020

  • Buy 2+ $317.99
Membrane/Built-Up Roofing - Up to 5 1/2" combined thickness

Part #: X10030

Membrane/Built-Up Roofing - 5 1/2" - 10 1/2" Combined Thickness

Part #: X10031

Wood Sheathing - 5/8" minimum thickness CDX (Temporary Installations Only)

Part #: X10040

Concrete Roofing - 6 1/2" min thickness & 3000 PSI min concrete compressive strength

Part #: X10050



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Permanent or Temporary Solution for Roof Safety

The new versatile, single-point Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post adapts to a wide range of roof designs with its innovative base plate engineered for temporary or permanent installation to the roof surface.

When properly installed, a dependable fall protection connection is established. Should a fall occur, forces are reduced with its energy-absorbing design to maintain a secure connection to the structure.

The easy-to-install Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post is designed for quick set-up and does not require roof penetration to sub-surface rafters or trusses.

Please allow a 7-10 business day lead time for these items.

  • Versatile single-point anchor adapts to a wide range of roof designs - With a variety of models available, the Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post can accommodate most industrial roof designs including standing seam, membrane, built-up, metal sheathing, concrete and wood.
  • Attaches to the surface of existing roof structures - Quick, easy installation reduces cost requiring minimal labor and eliminating the need for roof penetration and repair.
  • Significantly reduces the fall forces on the roof structure - In the event of a fall, the top of the Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post reorients with the force in a direct line and activates the patent-pending energy absorber.
  • Durable design that withstands the changing outdoor environment - Internal components are constructed of stainless steel. The steel post and base are plated with zinc followed by a premium powder coating for two layers of protection.
  • Models for steel decking, concrete and wood can be used on other non-roof structures.


360° Protection

Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post

In the event of a fall, the Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post orients in the direction of the force, the built-in, energy-absorbing component activates and the base remains securely attached to the roof surface.


  • Roof inspection and maintenance
  • Air conditioning, ventilation fan and solar panel maintenance
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Debris removal from gutters
  • Installation and maintenance of satellite dishes and other communication systems


Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post adapts to a variety of roof structures

Standing Seam Design - SKU X10001
SKU X10001
Standing Seam Design
  • Aluminum clamping mechanism is designed to pre-install to the base plate and is self centering for easy installation.
  • The clamping bolts are tightened from above the plate for easy fastening and inspection.
  • Can be used for permanent and temporary installations.
  • Three models are available to accommodate standing seam spacing up to 24-in. (610 mm).
Metal Sheathing Design - SKU X10011
SKU X10011
Metal Sheathing Design
  • Designed to attach to metal sheathing with a minimum 24 gauge (0.024-in. [.61 mm]) thickness.
  • Hardware kit includes sealing materials to prevent water damage to roof.
Membrane/Built-up Design - SKU X10030/X10031
SKU X10030/X10031
Membrane/Built-up Design
  • Easy-to-install toggle kit fastens through membrane, insulation and into metal sheathing, wood sheathing or concrete.
  • Models available for built-up roof thicknesses accommodate up to 10.5-in. (267 mm).
Wood Design - SKU X10040
SKU X10040
Wood Design
  • Includes lag screw kit.
  • Installs into plywood with minimum thickness of 5/8-in. (15.9 mm) CDX.
  • Designed for temporary installation only.
Concrete Decking Design - SKU X10050
SKU X10050
Concrete Decking Design
  • Includes concrete expansion anchor kit.
  • Installs into concrete decking with minimum thickness of 6.5-in. (165 mm) and minimum concrete compressive strength of 3000 PSI (20.7 MPa).
Multi-Purpose Metal Sheathing, Wood and Concrete Design - SKU X10020
SKU X10020
Multi-Purpose Metal Sheathing, Wood and Concrete Design
  • This multi-purpose post uses the same base as models X10011, X10040 and X10050.
  • Miller specified hardware must be purchased for this base. (This model does not include hardware.)


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