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MSA Suspension Trauma Safety Step

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Part Number: 10063441

  • Helps works avoid suspension trauma post fall
  • Stimulate blood flow while awaiting rescue
  • Sold individually
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After a fall, a worker comes to rest supported by a full body harness. In this post-fall suspension position, harness webbing exerts pressure on the body in various areas. In addition, the worker’s legs are relatively motionless while awaiting rescue. This combination of webbing pressure and lack of leg motion can lead to orthostatic intolerance, also known as suspension trauma, a result of blood “pooling” in the legs.

Without leg muscle movement and with applied pressure from the harness leg straps, blood flow back to the heart and other vital organs is restricted. This condition can lead to unconsciousness, and ultimately serious injury or death if proper blood flow is not restored. It is critically important that rescue be undertaken quickly and that workers know how to help avoid this dangerous situation.

The Suspension Trauma Safety Step is designed to help workers in a post-fall suspension position avoid the effects of suspension trauma. The Safety Step allows workers to relieve pressure by inserting a foot into one of the step loops and then standing up in the harness. The flexing of leg muscles and release of harness leg strap pressure stimulates blood flow, helping to prevent the onset of suspension trauma. Workers can use a single Safety Step or two Safety Steps (one for each leg) to provide additional support, balance, and comfort.

Please allow 10-14 day lead time for this item.  Please note - carabiner not included.

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