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OEL Insulated Hex "L" Long Handle Metric Wrench

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Part Number: insulated-metric-hex-l-handle-wrench

  • Insulated Metric hex wrench, "L" Long Handle
  • Meet or exceeds ASTM F1505-01 & IEC 900 Standards
  • Dielectrically tested at 10,000VAC
  • Made in the USA
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Product Name Price Qty
10mm Wrench

Part #: 58066

5mm Wrench

Part #: 58060

2.5mm Wrench

Part #: 58054

1.3mm Wrench

Part #: 58049

19mm Wrench

Part #: 58094

12mm Wrench

Part #: 58068

6mm Wrench

Part #: 58062

3mm Wrench

Part #: 58056

1.5mm Wrench

Part #: 58050

14mm Wrench

Part #: 58090

8mm Wrench

Part #: 58064

4mm Wrench

Part #: 58058

2mm Wrench

Part #: 58052

0.9mm Wrench

Part #: 58048

17mm Wrench

Part #: 58092




Each hand tool manufactured is rated for exposure up to 1000VAC and dielectrically tested at 10,000VAC. These tools meet or exceed ASTM F1505-01 and IEC 900 Standards for Insulated Hand Tools. These tools are necessary for compliance with OSHA 1910.333 (c)(2), and NFPA 70E 2004. The insulating material used is impact resistant and flame retardant. Two-color insulation makes inspection easier which adds to the overall safety. If the yellow under layer is showing, the tool may no longer be insulated properly and should be considered for replacement and removed from service.
While over 90% of our insulated tools are kept in stock, some specialty items may have 2-3 week lead times. Please check ahead for availability for any time sensitive orders. These tools are made in the USA.

Do you order this product often and/or in large quantities? Check out our Large Order Program to save yourself time and money.

Please review our extensive selection of safety equipment, insulated hand tools, and lockout/tagout equipment.

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