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Fall Protection

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  1. Safewaze FS-FLEX280 Comfort Construction Harness

    Starting at: $131.95

    • Quick release leg buckles
    • Single D-ring
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  2. Safewaze FS-FLEX253-FD Construction Harness w/Front D-Ring

    Starting at: $195.50

    • Free floating comfort back pad
    • Removable grommet belt
    • Quick release leg buckles
    • Cool air leg pads
    • Side positioning D-Rings, Front D-Ring
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  3. Safewaze FS-FLEX270 Iron Workers Harness

    Starting at: $167.50

    • Sewn-in comfort back pad
    • Removable grommet belt
    • Grommet leg straps
    • Grommet adjustments
    • Side positioning D-Rings
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  4. Safewaze FS227 Wind Energy Harness

    Starting at: $345.75

    • Deluxe buckle
    • Protection backrest
    • Rings for suspension tools
    • Leg straps in velcro for best storage of webbing
    • Quick-connect leg buckles
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  5. Safewaze FS377 Wind Energy Harness, Quick Release Chest Buckle

    Starting at: $139.95

    • No-tangle D-ring pad reduces web knotting and relieves back pressure
    • Fall arrest indicators for easy inspection
    • Side adjustment at chest and legs
    • Quick-release chest buckle
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  6. Safewaze FS77635-OD Extreme Derrick Safety Harness

    Starting at: $210.75

    • Incorporates extra value webbing
    • Derrick pad connections
    • Chest D-ring and side positioning D-rings
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  7. Safewaze FS77635-OD-PAD Derrick Pad For Safety Harness

    Starting at: $157.25

    • 2 Quick-Connect buckle points
    • For use with the Safewaze Derrick Harness
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  8. Safewaze FS-OD1115 No-Tangle Construction Harness

    Starting at: $171.50

    • No tangle D-ring pad to reduce knotting
    • Seat sling attached
    • Comfortable shoulder pads and no tangle pad
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  9. Safewaze FS77225-UT-3QC High-Dielectric Arc Flash Harness

    Starting at: $199.95

    • Meets ASTM F887 electric arc flash requirements
    • Quick connect chest and legs with leather behind buckles
    • Single D-Ring
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  10. Safewaze Extreme FS450 Tie-Back Shock Lanyard, Single Leg
    • 6 ft. Length
    • Single leg
    • 1" Polyester webbing with tensile strength greater than 5000 lbs
    • Double locking tie-back and snap hook
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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

41-50 of 165