Allegro™ 9991 Personal Air Cooler for Supplied Air Respirators Systems - Sold Individually

Item #9991

Vortex Tubes are an effective, low cost solution to respiratory cooling needs. With no moving parts, a vortex tube spins compressed air to separate the air into cold and hot air streams by forcing the compressed air through a generation chamber which spins the air centrifugally along the inner walls at a high rate of speed toward the control valve. A fraction of the hot air is discharged at the control valve. The remainder of the slower air stream is forced to counter-flow up through the center of the high-speed air stream, giving up heat, through the center of the generation chamber finally exiting through the opposite end as extremely cold air.

  • Body: Aluminum 
  • Fitting: Hansen 1/4” (.63 cm) Plug (Series 1000) Stainless Steel 
  • Belt: Nylon 


  • Uses Filtered Compressed Air 
  • Provides Continuous Cool Air Delivery 
  • Easy Temperature Adjustment Even with Gloved Hands 
  • No Moving Parts 
  • Exceptionally Reliable 
  • A Control Valve Allows for Temperature Adjustment 
  • Will Cool Compressed Air by 25° F 
  • Requires an Air Supply Pressure Range from 50 - 115 PSI


Allegro 9991 Personal Air Cooler for Supplied Air Respirators Systems

The Personal Air Cooler is ideal in hot environments, adjusting the air flow from high pressure air sources as low as 25 degrees colder than ambient air for an improved working environment. The personal cooler requires air pressure range of 55-85 psig

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