Allegro NV2000 HP Nova 2000 Helmet (Complete) w/Nylon Cape, Breathing Tube, Flow Control Valve - Single

Item #NV20-00

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  • Allegro Nova 2000 Helmet is super-tough meeting penetration requirements of ANSI 289.1
  • Multi-layerd, sound deadening foam padding is velcro-mounted for easy removal and cleaning
  • This HP Nova 2000 Helmet includes Flow Control Valve
  • Helmet is NIOSH approved


The Allegro Nova 2000 Abrasive Blasting Helmet is engineered with U.V. stabilized and abrasion-resistant high-density polyethylene. This super-tough helmet shell meets penetration requirements of ANSI 289.1, while also offering premium comfort with its lightweight, multi-layered sound-deadening foam padding, Velcro-mounted for easy removal and cleaning. The large double lens, with optional tear-out lenses, allows for optimum vision without irritating side glare, and the inner lens complies with ANSI standards for impact resistance. The air duct distribution diffuses breathing air evenly throughout the helmet, with the added benefit of preventing the viewing lens from fogging. Helmet includes a High Pressure  Adjustable Flow Control Valve, Air Temperature Controller or Low Pressure Constant Flow Valve. The outer cape is secured by eight snaps sealed with an abrasion-resistant butadiene band, preventing abrasives from rebounding and entering the helmet. The  detachable inner cape provides a barrier to airborne contaminates and is made of soft, breathable fabric to allow air flow down the neck, while maintaining positive pressure. Choose from the tough but lightweight nylon cape or the rugged and durable  leather cape. And of course, the helmet is NIOSH-approved.

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