Fibre-Metal 110PWE Pipeliner Passive Filter Welding Helmet with Shade 10 Filter, Rubber Headband Suspension

Item #110PWE

Includes 1-CP Rubber Ratchet Headgear>

  • White
  • 2" x 4 1/4" Lens Size
  • Shade 10 Filter
  • more

    Molded from SuperGlas Plus™, a material formulated for light weight, and strength. Provides everything pipe welders need to be safe and productive under the harshest welding conditions. Impervious to moisture, impact-resistant Pipeliners will not crack, chip or split. Compact design allows access to areas where there is no room for a standard helmet. Shade 10. White.

    • Impervious to moisture, impact resistant, will not crack, chip or split
    • Compact design allows access to tight places
    • Ratchet headgear for use where space limitations are not as severe
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