Howard Leight LS-500 Source Ear Plug Dispenser

Item #341501651

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  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum withstands constant use
  • Ideal for large factories and process industries
  • Mount on wall for easy access
  • Holds 500 pairs of Howard Leight Single-Use earplugs: Max, Max Lite, Laser Lite, MultiMax, Matrix


The Howard Leight Leight Source 500 provides a highly visible, use-friendly, permanent hearing protection center. Built with heavy-duty anodized aluminum and designed for wall installation, the Leight Source 500 dispenses earplugs with a simple turn of the handle, providing a hygienic and economical source for earplugs. The Leight Source 500 is ideal for large factories and process industries that have zero tolerance for packaging waste. Both the 400 and 500 can be used with Matrix, Max, Max Lite, Laser Lite, and MultiMax.

Product Dimensions: 11.5” L x 8.5” W x 25.75” H

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  • Manufacturer:

    Howard Leight