Safewaze FS903PR-130 Power Assisted 130 ft. Rescue Descender System

Item #FS903PR-130

  • Power Assisted Rescue Descender
  • 330 lbs maximum working load
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Safewaze FS903PR-130 Power Assisted 130 ft. Rescue Descender System

The Safewaze Power Assisted Rescue Descender is the most versatile constant rate descender on the market today, packed full of features, and for use by up to 3 people. The device is designed to be used attached to the anchor point in regular mode of operation, or in an inverted mode, attached to the user and/or casualty. 


  • Manual Ascend/Descend Device with Carabiner
  • 130' Rescue Rope with Aluminum Carabiner on Each End
  • Drill Attachment Point
  • FS812 Cross Arm Strap
  • 12' Extension Rescue Pole
  • Kit Storage Bag with Pole Compartment


  • Materials: Body, Plates, Pulley (Aerospace grade hard anodised aluminum); Handle (Polypropylene based technopolymer); Rope (9.5 mm Polyamide kernmantle rope); Rope Guides and Anchorage Connection (316 stainless steel); Cross Arm Strap (1.75 in Polyester webbing, High-strength polyester stitching, Forged steel D-rings)
  • Length: 130 feet
  • Rope Rating:  2000 lbs
  • Maximum Working Load: 330 lbs
  • Weight: 17.80 lbs
  • Standards:  Meets OSHA 1926 Subpart M - ANSI Z359.4
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