UltraTech Ultra-Oil Mop Drip Tray

Item #3307

  • Used to drain and store Ultra-Oil Mop when not in use


This product only includes the UltraTech Ultra-Oil Mop Drip Tray and not the UltraTech Ultra-Oil Mop itself.

The UltraTech Ultra-Oil Mop can be a big help in oil cleanup. Its fast-wicking pads are designed to soak up 25 times their weight in oil and other petroleum products, but they won't soak up water! The polypropylene "oil only" sorbent pads are cut to fit the mop. They are easily removed and replaced after that have been saturated, but they won't come off until you're ready to change them - this means no stray oil pads to retrieve!

The UltraTech Ultra-Oil Mop has a foam core that allows the mop head to float on top of the water to collect oil, gas and hydrocarbon sheen that floars along the surface. It's pivoting handle telescopes from 30" to 52" to make distant spills within easy reach.

UltraTech Ultra-Oil Mop helps comply with the requirements of the Clean Marina Program when used as a Best Management Practice in Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).

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