Flame Retardant Clothing

Flame Retardant Clothing is designed to protect the user from flames and thermal injury. FR Clothing self-extinguishes once the heat source is removed. Critical Tool provides the Flame Retardant Gear you need to protect yourself from fire hazards, many products meeting NFPA 70 standards. We provide these FR Clothes that help meet OSHA requirements giving the wearer escape time and help minimize potential injury.

Flame Retardant Apparel is ideal for Electricians, Utility Workers, Chemical and Refinery Workers and anyone working in an environment where OSHA requires Flash Fires. Our Top Selling Brands include Portwest, Ironwear, Majestic and Cordova. Whether you need Safety Vests, Jackets, Coveralls, Raincoats or Pants, we are here to provide the protection you need.