Elastic Bandage Wrap with 2 Fasteners

  • 3 Sizes to choose from
  • Comparable to the Ace® Bandage, our elastic bandage is designed for supporting, protecting and providing moderate pressure to sprains and strains
  • Its controlled stretch retains strength and elasticity
  • A 100% latex-free elastic bandage individually poly-wrapped with 2 clips
  • It is also ideal for holding dressings in place


Full Description

Elastic Bandage Wrap with 2 Fasteners

Indispensable, Wraps and Tapes are some of the most important products in a first aid kit. With a wide range of uses - securing bandages, compressing fractures or deep wounds, supporting sprains and splints and keeping water and germs out - they're a must have for the well-equipped first aid kit.

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