Steiner Neoglass Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Light Duty Welding Blanket

  • Temp Rating: 1000 degrees F
  • Wt/Sq. Yd:  16 oz.
  • Thickness: .016"
  • Use for sparks on vertical plane only, Good abrasion resistance


Full Description

Steiner Neoglass Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Light Duty Welding Blanket

The Steiner Light Duty Welding Blanket is ideal for general purpose welding, light sparks with minimal splatter.  Heat resistant materials are widely used for draping over equipment or floor surfaces in welding areas, or as a vertical shield to protect from sparks, spatter and slag.  Blankets are manufactured with #2 brass grommets (3/8") on 4 sides at approximate 24" centers.  The finished blanket size may vary by approximately 3 - 4" in height and width to allow for hems and joining.  Grommets are not provided on Silica cloth, Velvet Shield or leather.  Sew-edge hems are not provided (or necessary) on leather or Velvet Shield Blankets.

Please note:  Some sizes/styles have minimum orders of 2 blankets.

Product selection criteria:
What is the general welding application?
•Light Duty - general purpose welding, light sparks, minimal spatter
•Medium Duty - heavier welding, sparks, spatter, light slag
•Heavy Duty - heavy sparks, spatter, slag
•Extreme Heavy Duty - heavy spatter, slag, possibility of molten metal

Stress relief application?
•Stress relief - use only uncoated material recommended for stress relief applications.

Coated material or uncoated?
•Coated Material - better abrasion resistance. Stiffer to allow spatter and slag to roll off easily.
•Uncoated Material – more pliable, making it easier to drape over and wrap around objects.

Weight and thickness of material?
•The performance of the material depends on many variables. However, as a general rule, heavier/thicker material will provide better protection and take longer to burn through.

Is the application horizontal (flat) or vertical?
•For vertical (hanging) application, the thinner materials may be used. For horizontal (flat) application, heavier material and/or with higher temperature rating should be used.

  • Color:


  • Manufacturer:


  • Manufacturer Part Number:


  • Attribute Set Name:

    Welding Blankets

  • Type Id:


  • Blanket Thickness:


  • Blanket Material:

    Acrylic Coated Fiberglass

  • Weight/Sq. Yd:

    16 oz.

  • Temperature Rating:

    1000 F