Welding Blanket, Velvet Shield Carbonized Fiber Heavy Duty

  • Temp Rating: 1800 degrees F
  • Wt/Sq. Yd:  16 oz.
  • Thickness: .15 - .20"
  • Use for sparks, slag & spatter, Soft, lightweight with excellent flexibility


Full Description

Welding Blanket, Velvet Shield Carbonized Fiber Heavy Duty

The Steiner Heavy Duty Welding Blanket is ideal for heavier sparks, spatter and slag.  Lightweight, soft and flexible providing incredible ease of use while withstanding high heat.  Provides protection from direct contact with weld spatter.  Easy to clean - just shake, vacuum or blow metal particles out of blanket.  Made from a tough and tear resistant material, these blankets are excellent for auto-body use.

  • 16 oz black carbonized fiber
  • Lightweight, soft, and flexible welding blanket, providing incredible ease of use while withstanding high heat
  • Protects against sparks, spatter, and light slag
  • Temperature rating: 1800oF
  • Weight: 16 oz/yd2
  • Thickness: 0.150"-0.200"
  • Not grommeted
  • Not recommended for stress relief
  • FM approved

Please note:  Size 18" x 18" has a minimum order of 4 blankets, Size 3' x 4' has a minimim order of 2 blankets.

Product selection criteria:
What is the general welding application?
•Light Duty - general purpose welding, light sparks, minimal spatter
•Medium Duty - heavier welding, sparks, spatter, light slag
•Heavy Duty - heavy sparks, spatter, slag
•Extreme Heavy Duty - heavy spatter, slag, possibility of molten metal

Stress relief application?
•Stress relief - use only uncoated material recommended for stress relief applications.

Coated material or uncoated?
•Coated Material - better abrasion resistance. Stiffer to allow spatter and slag to roll off easily.
•Uncoated Material – more pliable, making it easier to drape over and wrap around objects.

Weight and thickness of material?
•The performance of the material depends on many variables. However, as a general rule, heavier/thicker material will provide better protection and take longer to burn through.

Is the application horizontal (flat) or vertical?
•For vertical (hanging) application, the thinner materials may be used. For horizontal (flat) application, heavier material and/or with higher temperature rating should be used.

  • Color:


  • Manufacturer:


  • Manufacturer Part Number:


  • Attribute Set Name:

    Welding Blankets

  • Type Id:


  • Blanket Thickness:

    .15 - .20"

  • Blanket Material:

    Carbonized Fiber

  • Weight/Sq. Yd:

    16 oz.

  • Temperature Rating:

    1800 F