Lockout Tags and Safety

Critical Tool can help your facility stay compliant with the OSHA lockout tagout standards for the Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout). Lockout tagout is the act of de-energizing and securing of equipment and machinery to stop hazardous energy from being introduced during repair or service. Critical Tool recommends products such as Lockout Tags and Signs, Valve Lockout Devices, Electrical Lockout Devices and also offer complete Lockout Tagout Kits to fully service your facility. We offer products from top manufacturers like National Marker, Honeywell, Rack'Em and Masterlock padlocks.

Our best-selling Lockout Tags and Safety Equipment include NMC VLOK1 Valve Lockout Tagout Kit, Rack'Em Red Lockout Tagout Hasp, 1.5", Masterlock Stainless Steel Combination Locks and National Marker "Do Not Operate" Lockout Tag..