ANSI Class 2 & Class 3 Safety Vests

Browse and buy from several different hi-vis safety vests. We offer a variety of reflective safety vests that come in a variety of ratings, sizes, colors and styles. Styles include ANSI Class 2, ANSI Class 3, Economy, Public Safety, Fire Resistant, Surveyor, Non-ANSI, Breakaway, Ladies and X-Back.

These reflective high visibility vests come in an assortment of colors such as yellow, green, orange, lime, pink, red, black, blue, navy, and purple. The silver reflective tape increases visibility in low light conditions, while the fluorescent background will help you stand out. We also offer a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small to 7x-large and one size fits most, ensuring you find the perfect reflective vest for your needs.

High visibility reflective safety vests, or a hi-vis safety vest, are used throughout the country and around the world as a safety and precautionary measure. When worn in certain work environments, these high visibility reflective vest options help prevent injury to those who wear them. By allowing enhanced visibility to co-workers, motorists, and heavy equipment operators, there is a reduced chance for serious accidents on the job. This is especially true in both harsh weather and low light conditions when vision can often be compromised. Reflective safety vests are also helpful to runners and cyclists in high-traffic areas as well as emergency responders, to whom safety clothing offers easy identification in a crowded place.

In the world of high visibility safety vests, the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, commissioned a set of guidelines in its manual ANSI/ISEA 107-2004. Those guidelines are the standard by which the design and production of safety vests are recommended to adhere for maximum visibility and protection of its wearers. The standards specify the size, color, and type and placement of reflective material. The rules are broken down into separate classes, such as an ANSI Class 2 vest and an ANSI Class 3 vest, each with its own way of meeting these standards to satisfy the many different needs of the specific user. Vest options include Surveyor Vest Class 3, ANSI Class 2 work vest with pockets, traffic vest, construction vest, security vest and more. A Surveyor vest is a safety vest with pockets typically with multiple pockets providingnot only important enhanced visibility but is useful for storage.

It's easy to add your custom logo to your high visibility clothing and show off your company branding. Your hi-vis vest doesn't just provide your with fluorescent clothing and reflective apparel needed to stand out for traffic safety, and ANSI vest with you company logo can help advertise your business. We carry unique items light high pink safety vest and women's vests. Options also include FR vests, vests for emergency personnel, vests with zipper closure and black safety vest to hide dirt and grime.

If you're looking for a high-quality safety vest that meets ANSI Class 2 standards, our bestselling options are the Ironwear 1287-LZ, 1284-LZ and 1245-LZ-RD, Portwest UMV21 and Pyramex RCZ242010. These vests are made with lime mesh material, providing enhanced visibility in various work environments. Stay safe and visible with these reliable choices.