NFPA 70E Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Gear and Gloves

Out selection of Arc Flash Clothing includes Arc Flash Clothing including Kits, Arc Flash Gloves and Glove Kits and Arc Flash Head and Face Protection.

Critical Tool provides the Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Clothing you need to protect from electric arc flash hazards as mandated by NFPA 70E. We provide Arc Flash and Flame Resistant Protective Garments such as Coveralls, Coats, Shirts, Pants and Full Arc Flash Kits that include Hood and Headgear. We also include a full line of Electrical Gloves and Insulated Rubber Glove Kits. These Rubber Insulated Gloves are available in Class 00, Class 00, Class 1 and Class 2.

Four Categories of Arc Flash PPE

  • PPE Category 1: Minimum Arc Rating 4 cal/cm2
  • PPE Category 2: Minimum Arc Rating 8 cal/cm2
  • PPE Category 3: Minimum Arc Rating 25 cal/cm2
  • PPE Category 4: Minimum Arc Rating 40 cal/cm2
  • Arc Flash Apparel and kits are ideal for Electricians, Electrical Workers and anyone working in an environment where OSHA requires Electrical Hazard Safety. Brands include Portwest, PIP, Radians and OEL which are Made in the USA and Arc Flash Ratings include 8 cal/cm2, 12 cal/cm2, 25 cal/cm2, 40 cal/cm2 all the way up to 100 cal/cm2.