Custom Printed High Visibility Safety Apparel

Critical Tool understands that personal protective equipment is critical in industrial facilities and construction site environments that can be filled with hazards. Having items that defend personnel and promote your business with your custom logo is even better.

Custom Printing

Custom Printed Logo on Hi Vis Safety Apparel

CriticalTool has the expertise to help you select and create the perfect promotional solution for your business, laboratory, or institution. Our highly trained personnel can provide you with options that represent your brand in the best possible way.

Whether you need a company logo on hi-vis clothing or tailor-made lettering on rugged workwear, weíre here to help. While our team can imprint just about anything, they specialize in custom imprinting for hi-vis clothing.

Imprint Logo on High Visibility Work Gear

Critical Tool offers custom printing that will promote your business within your budget.

  • Startup fees start at $50.00
  • One color logos start at $3.00
  • 20 piece minimum order
  • Ships in 2-3 weeks
  • Quantity Discounts
For more information on custom printing call us at +800-511-8652

Custom Screen Printing

This method uses ink to transfer your logo or message onto the fabric of clothing. Itís commonly used on clothing and is capable of reproducing a vast array of colors and detail.

Custom Embroidery

This form uses thread to stitch logos or letters directly into the fabric of clothing and accessories. The thread colors are nearly endless, making it easy to match with a brand and logo.

Custom Pad Printing

This technique enables two-dimensional images to be printed onto three-dimensional objects using a silicone pad. Itís perfect for printing on curved or oddly shaped items like hard hats.

High Visibility Custom Heat Transfer

This method uses heat and pressure to transfer a pre-printed image from a single wax sheet or transfer paper to an objectís fabric. Also called thermal printing and thermal-transfer printing, itís perfect for one-color or full-color designs.

Screen Printing FAQs

How much are logo setup costs?

Logo setup charges start at $40 per color per location. In addition to the setup fee, there is a cost associated with each imprint, each color and each location on a single garment. Generally, imprint fees start at $3 per imprint and increase from there. Cost per imprint is dependent on the type of garment, number of logos, multiple locations or multiple colors.

There are additional specialty imprints such as reflective ink, printing on rainwear, hard hats and more. These prices are quoted per job.

How long does it take to process and ship custom logo prints?

From the time that the artwork is approved a usual lead time is 2-3 weeks. Rush orders can sometimes be accommodated for an additional charge. We can give you a better idea of lead time once we know the scope of the imprinting job.

For the quickest turn around logos submitted in Vector files are best (.eps,.ai). If artwork is low resolution or needs to be recreated this will add additional time and cost to the production process.

What are the benefits of printing the company logo?

Imprinting is the process of emblazoning clothing or products with custom messaging, such as company logos, branding, imagery, and lettering. Tailor-made or branded items can have a significant impact by adding to the company's brand consistency.

  • Connects employees and clients with your products and services
  • Draws interest to a company
  • Shares corporate culture
  • Creates uniformity
  • Creates loyalty
  • Instills trust

Equipment thatís high visibility is designed to improve how well others can see the wearer in a work environment. Itís critical for personnel who work around moving vehicles or equipment, especially in low-light environments.

Hi-vis outerwear can cover important branding in certain situations. Thatís when imprinting for hi-vis bomber jackets or imprinting for hi-vis safety vests from CriticalTool comes in handy.

CriticalTool is proud to serve many industries, and we have the experience to turn your idea or vision into a reality. Rather than offering a one-size approach, our tailormade imprinting services help you cater to a particular audience.

Contact us to learn more about our custom imprinting solutions.