Hi-Vis Safety & Reflective Shirts

Hi-Vis reflective and safety work shirts are used throughout the country as a safety and precautionary measure. When worn in certain work environments, these vests help prevent injury to those who wear them. Ensure high visibility in the workplace with this apparel offered in multiple maximum visibility colors and sizes.

Critical Tool offers a large selection of Hi-Vis, reflective safety wear including t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, vests, and pants. Choose comfortable, easily distinguishable, and quality safety clothing from well-known brands such as GSS Safety, Ironwear, Portwest, Majestic Gloves, and Cordova.

ANSI Class 2 & 3 Safety Shirts

ANSI Class 2 & 3 shirts with reflective stripes are available in Hi-Vis orange and yellow/lime. By allowing enhanced visibility to co-workers, motorists, and heavy equipment operators, there is a reduced chance for serious accidents on the job. Reflective safety vests are also helpful to runners and cyclists in high-traffic areas as well as emergency responders to which safety vests offer easy identification in a crowded place.