We like things to fit like a glove. But are your disposable gloves a real fit?

Imagine a glove that feels like an extension of your own hand—offering unparalleled comfort, exceptional protection, and outstanding durability.

With Real-Fit technology, that's exactly what you get.

Our gloves are manufactured to perfectly contour to the shape of your hands, ensuring a snug fit without compromising flexibility. Say goodbye to distractions from ill-fitting gloves and focus on what truly matters—your work.

Finally, the REAL sizes that fit.

It’s gloves, not getting your fitted cap at sports stores.

You shouldn’t have to worry about size discrepancies between brands or, sometimes, even between shipments a few months apart.

Our sizes are true to fit and true to size. From XS to 2XL, we give you a level of reliability you’ve been waiting for.

Ever been stuck with a box of 'medium' gloves that felt like 'small'?

Our Real-Fit technology guarantees that your REAL Medium isn’t just accurate; it's consistent. Order today, next month, or next year—your medium is always a medium.

Are you drawn to some brands because they don’t tear easily?

Gloves that fit your hands perfectly are engineered to move with you, without tearing.

Gloves featuring Real-Fit are built to provide maximum protection for your hands. They are guaranteed not to tear during both donning and doffing.

Fentanyl-Resistant Exam Gloves

  • Real-Fit technology
  • Small – 2X-Large
  • 5.1 Mil Thickness

FDA Approved Exam Gloves

  • Real-Fit technology
  • Small – 2X-Large
  • 3.9 Mil Thickness

No 2XL’s? No problem.

Looking for double extra large disposable gloves in black? Or XS nitrile in blue? We stock our warehouse with those hard-to-find glove sizes in a variety of colors.

So when other supplies give you a lead time of weeks or months, we can have them shipped to you same day.

Would you like a free sample of our gloves with Real-Fit technology?

Please tell us your application for the best product recommendation.

What happens next?

We will get back to you within the same business day (CST), guaranteed.

No pushy sales tactics; we're all about offering friendly, consultative advice.

Our team is made up of hand protection experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. We're not just looking to make a quick sale; we're committed to providing you with the right solution that meets your specific needs.

So when you hear from us, expect knowledge, respect, and a customer service experience that aims to exceed your expectations.