Allegro 9230-01 One-Worker Tyvek Hood System with 100 Foot Hose

Item #9230-01

  • Portable Air Source for areas where contamination levels are low
  • Includes 1 Dupont Tyvek Hood, a 1/4 hp ambient air pump, 3/4 hp or 1 1/2 hp pump and 100' hose
  • Complete SAR system for 1 worker


You can't be the quality and capability of the Allegro Tyvek Supplied Air Hood Low Pressure Systems! In areas such as painting or asbestos abatement, where levels of contamination are low, these complete SAR hood systems offer a portable air source for one or two workers. They include disposable, lightweight, loose fitting Dupont Tyvek hoods, a 3/4 hp or 1 1/2 hp ambient air pump and 50 or 100 feet of breathing air hose.

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