Allegro® 9401-36 35' Winch Rope - Sold Individually

Item #9401-36

  • Length - 35'
  • Material - .5" Dura-Plex Braided
  • Color - White
  • Sold Individually (Rope Only)


Raising and lowering equipment into confined space can be impossible without this durable winch. Even with a 300 lb. capacity, it is lightweight and portable, allowing easy mounting on guard rails. The side pieces are constructed of high tensile, heavy gauge aluminum with a durable yellow finish that resists weather and wear. The winch bar is constructed of rugged high tensile steel tubing with a 3"" drum for fast recovery. Two independent ratchet systems, and a double-disc automatic brake offer load control and security. The 1/2"" x 35' Dura-Plex braided rope is strong and durable. Guard rail not included. WARNING: Not for use as a personal retrieval device.

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  • Manufacturer:

    Allegro Industries