Allegro 9520-04M Complete Standard Centrifugal Blower System with MVP

Item #9520-04M

  • These Complete Ventilation Systems includes the top requested equipment for your confined space site
  • Includes the blower, 6 ft & 15 ft. of ducting with storage bag, and Manhole Ventilation Passthru
  • Offer lightweight portability with the highest output available
  • Standard Blower included


Allegro helps to make your confined space jobs easier with equipment built to the highest standards. Features durable ABS housing, metal safeguards, and steel fan 1/3 HP motor and plastic base. 6A/115V/2.5 System includes: blower, 6' and 15' of ducting with storage bag and Manhole Ventilation Passthrough. Free Air: 1066 CFM One 90 degree Bend: 839 CFM Two 90 degree Bends: 745 CFM Allegro's Complete Ventilation Systems include all the most-asked-for equipment for your confined space site. The systems include a choice of Allegros most popular blowers, six feet and fifteen feet of ducting with a storage bag and Manhole Ventilation Passthru. The Centrifugal Blower Systems offer lightweight portability with the highest output available.

The new Manhole Ventilation Passthru combines the low profile manhole air vent, 90 degree elbow and built-in mounting all in one easy assembly. Made from Linear Low Density Polyethlene. The low profile elbow fits underneath the lower cross bar of the guardrail. The manhole cover fits into flat channeled corner for stabilization. Duct is collapsible for easy entry - springs back into shape once the worker is down into the manhole. Weighs only 11 pounds! Click image above for image of Standard Blower.
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