Amerex 1.75 Gal Non-Magnetic Water Mist Extinguisher w/ Wall Hook 2A:C Rating

Item #270NM

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  • Dimensions: 19"H x 11W x 7"D
  • UL Rating: 2A:C
  • Cylinder Material: Steel


These Water-Mist Extinguishers, from Amerex®, offer a number of options for Class A and C fire hazards. From homes and businesses to municipalities and industry, there are no better Water Extinguishers for protecting life and property. NOTE: Water Mist Extinguishers come empty. Safe to use in MRI facilities and on energized equipment.

  • Model Number: B270NM
  • UL Rating: 2A:C
  • Class: AC
  • Cylinder Material: Steel
  • Temperature Range: 40°F to 120°F
  • Discharge Time: 72 sec
  • Discharge Range: 10-12 ft
  • Shipping Weight: 7 lb

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  • Fire Extinguisher Class:

    Class AC

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