Elite Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Receptacle - Sierra Tan - 268502

Item #268502I

  • Now comes in a compact cart reducing packaging material and saving you an average of 34% off standard Cease Fire Receptacles!
  • FM Approved
  • Weatherproof interlocking housing design
  • Quick assembly and easy cleaning!


The new Elite Cease Fire Outdoor Ashtray now comes unassembled to say you money on shipping! No longer being shipped in an oversized package - this now comes in a 100% recyclable box - Green Friendly!

These are independently fire tested and approved for safety by FM Gloval. Comes in 4 colors, UV resistant to prevent fading. The durable no-rust textured polyethylene is easy to clean. The large, 4 gallon capacity holds thousands of butts! Features a sanp-lock closure and one-way fit to ensure quick and accurate assembly for head and neck components. No hardware is requried! The oxygen resitricting design safely collects burning butts to reduce risk of fire. Measure 38" x 12" - FM & ADA approved.

Keep cigarette litter safely hidden from public view and enhance your propertyメs image with the sleek, textured  contemporary styling of Elite Smokers Cease-Fire. Fire tested and approved by FM Global, this no-rust polyethylene receptacle features a oxygen-restricting, self extinguishing design to safely collect burning butts. Stainless steel snuffer screen reduces messy look and offers a fast, easy モsnuff targetヤ for cigarettes and cigars, resulting in fewer misses for a cleaner and more attractive smoking area. Limited entry design discourages unwanted trash from clogging the neck, while larger snuff area means less likelihood of your fingers contacting dirt and germs. Covered opening eliminates messy rainwater overflow.

Maintenance is a snap! Mistake-proof opening/closure is self-aligning with no need for tools or hardware to lose. Just slide the lid and base guide tabs and lift-off for easy emptying of removable, galvanized steel pail that holds thousands of butts. Inner double-drip edge directs most tar condensation into bucket, keeping outside housing free from ugly tar build up.
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