ENPAC 95 Gallon Multi-Responder SHT Spill Kit

Item #13-SHT95

  • Absorbs up to 51 gallons
  • Spill Capacity:  95 Gallon


ENPAC has created the most extreme weapon when it comes to fighting Seriously Hazardous & Toxic spills. Complete with the widest range of sorbent tools and protective gear, these kits will stand up to your biggest, toughest, dirtiest challenge.  These kits are the answer to anything SHT that may occur. From oil on water to corrosive acids, these are made to help you fight some SHT stuff.

95-Gallon SHT Kit Includes:

1 P.P.E. Spill Pak
1 Speedy Duffel, Universal Spill Kit
1 Speedy Duffel, Aggressive Spill Kit
1 Speedy Duffel, Oil Only Spill Kit
1 Leak Repair Kit
1 20-Gallon Prowler Pool
1 Caution Sign
1 Collapsible Shovel
1 Dustpan Combo
1 Broom Head
1 Telescoping Handle
1 1-Gallon Jug ENSORB®
1 Shaker Chemklenz

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