ENPAC Poly-Overpack 20 Salvage Drum, 20 Gallon

Item #1220-YE

  • Load Capacity: 166 lb
  • Spill Capacity: 20 gal
  • External Dims: 22.5" Top Dia x 18" Bottom Dia x 19" Height
  • Internal Dims: 21.6" Top Dia x 17.25" Bottom Dia x 17.4" Height


The 20-gallon Salvage Drum is a versatile unit that can directly contain solids and sludge's with security. With a 1/2 turn lid, these ergonomically designed units allow for easy access, unlike competing “hoop-ring designs.” The 20-gallon Salvage Drum accepts bottles, cans and 5-gallon pails. Units are also nestable, which allows for ease of shipment. Save on shipping cost and storage space!

Ideal for holding bottles, cans and 5 gallon pails.

*Tight, secure and leak-free container closing is simple: place any long object (like a wooden two-by-four) in the handy lid slots, and turn to screw the lid down tightly.

*Ribbed design provides extra strength.

*100% UV-protected polyethylene provides protection over a wide range of chemicals.

Regulations: UN 1H2/X75/S, UN 1H2/Y100/S, DOT 49 CFR 173.3 (c), EPA, SPCC and NPDES

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  • Spill Capacity:

    20 Gallon