ENPAC Q-VAC 100 Liquid Vacuum Pump

Item #QVAC

  • Air Flow at 87 psi - 35 cfpm
  • Compressor PSI (Minimum/Optimum) - 30/87 psi
  • Sound Level - 80 dB (A)
  • Optimum Compressor - 10 HP


Easy-to-use and highly reliable, the ENPAC Q-VAC 100 pumps liquid directly into a standard drum for convenient storage or recycling. A liquid overflow shutoff valve ensures vacuum automatically turns off when drum is full. Works on shop air. 

Please note:  Shown in image with drum and Scooter - sold separately.

More Q-VAC 100 Advantages:

* Fits on a standard 55-gallon closed top drum
* Requires no filters
* No moving parts to break or replace

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