Justrite 26750 Self-Close Drum Cover for 55-Gallon Drums

Item #26750

  • Convet open-top drums into fire-safe receptacles
  • Fits 55 gallon drums
  • Fusible-link assembly slams shut in case of fire


These Justrite 26750 Drum Covers provide an inexpensive way to convert open-top 30 and 55-gallon steel drums into fire-safe receptacles for combustible trash! Only a screwdriver and wrench are needed to attach the cover to a drum, and it can easily be removed when the drum must be emptied. The covers are steel, with a highly chemical resistant powder coat paint finish. The 30-gallon cover will fit drums nominally 18.375" diameter and the 55-gallon size will fit drums from 22.5" to 22.75" diameter. On models 26730 and 26750, a replaceable fusible-link assembly inside the cover melts at 165 F to automatically slam the cover shut if there is a fire in the drum to extinguish the flame.

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