Aerosolv 28231 Dual (California) Compliant Aerosol Can Disposal System - Puncturing unit, filter, wire counter and goggles

Item #28231

  • Meets the requirements of both EPA and California SB1158
  • Significantly lowers disposal costs
  • Increases recycling and waste minimization. Recycle steel and aluminum cans for $$$
  • Local municipalities can protect the health of their citizens and the environment
  • Retailers can enhance their image and offer a value added service. By customers bringing in their aerosol cans for emptying and disposal, return store traffic is increased to bring in new sales.


All the great benefits of the Aerosolv® Super System plus additional features to meet California SB1158 Aerosolv® Dual-Compliant system meets EPA and the stricter requirements of California emission regulations. 

Complies with: EPA 40 CFR 261.23(a)(6)

Dual Compliant Aerosolv® System includes puncturing unit with plastic sleeve, color changing coalescing/carbon filter cartridge, anti-static wire,counter and goggles to enhance safety.

• Puncturing unit relieves pressure and empties spent aerosol cans.
• Made of low maintenance aircraft aluminum and threads into standard 2" bung on 30-gallon (110L)
  and 55-gallon (200L) drums.
• All moving parts are 308 stainless steel
• Carbide tipped piercing pin shows no signs of wear after puncturing 10,000 cans
• Filter removes liquids and adsorbs odors
• Cans are recyclable as scrap metal.
• Accepts series 200, 300 and 6oz. cans (Max. Ht. 8½")
• The contents of over 4000 spent aerosols may be collected in just one 55-gallon (200L) drum

Drum not included.
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