Aerosolv 28202 Standard Aerosol Can Disposal System - Puncturing unit, filter, wire & goggles

Item #28202

  • Aerosol Can Recycling System, includes: Puncturing Device, #6163 Combination Coalescing Activated Carbon Filter, Anti-Static Wire, and Safety Goggles
  • Changes aerosol cans from hazardous waste to a non-hazardous, recyclable state
  • Complies with EPA 40 CFR 261.23(a)6


Our Aerosol Can Disposal System is the most cost effective system on the market! Puncture your Aerosol Cans legally and safely with Aerosolv!

  • Eliminate an entire waste stream and reduce disposal costs by puncturing and recycling your aerosol cans
  • Angled pin ensures a clean puncture every time; punctured cans have no sharp, jagged edges or crushed metal
  • Two-piece coalescing filter/carbon cartridge captures odors and potentially harmful VOCs
  • Secure top plate with tightening knob holds cans firmly in place
  • Unit mounts on either a 30- or 55-gallon drum with standard 2” and ¾” bung opening – released liquids are captured in drum
  • Improperly seated cans will not be punctured; prohibits incorrect use
  • System works with domed mini, standard and jumbo aerosol cans
  • Attach included ground wire to prevent static buildup
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