Sqwincher® Fast Pack® 015303 Single Serving Electrolyte Drink Packs, 200/Case - Lemonade

Item #015303

Sqwincher® FAST PACK® is a quick and convenient method to replenish your electrolytes and rehydrate. Made to easily tuck away and not get in the way of your active lifestyle. Simply tear open the top, add water to the fill line and drink.

  • Each Pack Makes One 6 oz Drink
  • Flavor - Lemonade
  • Add Water to Package (No Container Needed)
  • Low Sodium
  • Gluten Free
  • Sold as 200/Case


You will love Sqwincher Fast Pack! Making sure your coworkers are properly hydrated, no matter where they are, has never been this easy. The Fast Pack liquid concentrate drink packs offer workers a refreshing drink wherever they are - in a plant, off-site or on the road. Its so easy! Just add water to the drink pack and bam! - you've got a single serving of fluids and electrolytes. Drink right out of the package! The liquid concentrate mixes easily with water and the packet serves as a drinking cup. Keeping your employees properly hydrated is important because it reduces the chance of heat stress and dehydration. The drink pack's handy size makes them less bulky than transporting a cooler, but big enough to quench your thirst. Choose from a variety of flavors. Each 0.6 oz. liquid concentrate packet yields a 6 oz. drink.

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