Ultra-I-Beam Protectors - 1521

Item #1521

  • All polyethylene design - no painting or maintenance required
  • Specially designed groove allows easy installation
  • No straps or fasteners needed
  • Dimensions:  7.5" x 8.5" x 36"


These yellow I Beam protectors protect facility I-Beams from Forklifts, Pallet Jacks and Other Equipment.  Feature a modular design - you can used one protector for each flange of I=beam.  Allows installation on beams obstructed by walls or other structures.  4 protector units completely cover an I-Beam.  Installing multiple units in a "stacked" mode for higher protection from scissor lifts, raised forklifts and other equipment.

Feature a polyethylene design - no painting or maintenance required for upkeep.  Specially designed groove allows for quick and easy installation - no straps required.  The molded groove simply slides onto the I-beam, gripping securely.

Sold individually.

This item is meant to protect the I-Beam from low speed collisions and therefore the manufacturer does not have a Crash Ratting for this product.
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