UltraTech Ultra-Filter Sock, Sediment Removal

Item #9457

  • Use in front of storm drains, around downspouts, in gullies or ditches, or wherever needed
  • Filtration media inside removes pollutants
  • Available in 9 ft. lengths
  • Looped ends allow units to be staked
  • Multiple units can be used to create a "treatment train"


If you need to stop harmful substances from entering your stormwater system, then the Ultra-Filter Sock can help. The Ultra-Filter Sock features a woven polymer casing and contains filtration media - this allows water to pass through freely while trapping ugly pollutants inside! This Ultra-Filter Sock from UltraTech can be used wherever there is a potential for harmful stormwater runoff, including in front of storm drains, around downspouts, and in gullies and ditches.

The Ultra-Filter Sock is flexible in its application - it's available in 9 foot lengths, but units can be overlapped for longer coverage, and they can also be used together to create a "treatment train", especially useful if you have multiple types of pollutants requiring multiple filtration media, or if you have a high concentrations of a single pollutant the require more firepower to remove. The different types of media available in UltraTech's Ultra-Filter Sock are:

  • Sorb 44 - Used to remove oil and other hydrocarbons
  • Phos Filter - Excellent for removal of phosphorous
  • Activated Carbon - Excellent "polishing media". Helps remove certain chemicals, hydrocarbons and odors
  • Heavy Metal Removal - Custom filter media blend helps remove zinc, lead, copper and other harmful heavy metals
  • Sediment Removal - Recycled rubber media provides weight to keep unit in place while allowing maximum water flow.
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