Uvex S8510 Bionic Face Shield - Clear, Hard Coated & Anti-Fog Visor

Item #S8510

  • Clear, Hard Coated and Anti-Fog Visor included
  • 100% dielectric
  • Light weight


The Uvex Bionic Face Shield provides built in chin protection as well as top-of-head coverage for enhanced protection from airborne debris.  And excellent choice to workers exposed to falling or flying objects, impact and chemical splashes.  100% Dielectric means no metal parts for your safety.  This lightweight and ergonomically designed shield has a dual position headgear to provide a customizable fit.  Also includes removable and washable headband and is comfortably won with most goggles and respirators.  Please note:  Face shields offer secondary protection and MUST be worn with spectacles or googles. Please allow an approximate 7-10 business day lead for this item to ship.  

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