Bump Caps

Our lightweight Bump Caps when you need protection from minor bumps and scrapes, but don’t have the need to meet ANSI regulations. Our lightweight protective Bump Caps Provide you protection in lower risk environments and are available vented for your comfort. Critical Tool features top manufacturers like Cordova, MSA and Pyramex.

Protective Bump Hats are available in white, blue, black, red, orange, green, yellow, gray and brown. Our Bump Caps come with 4-Point Glide Lock or Pink Lock Suspension.

Our best-selling Safety Helmets include Cordova® HBCUSA Duo Safety™ Vented Bump Caps with 4-Point Plastic Suspension, Pyramex® HP400 Ridgeline Bump Caps with 4-Point Glide Lock.

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Multiple Options

  • Size – Universal
  • Colors – White, Yellow, Orange, Red and Blue
  • ANSI Class – Non-ANSI
  • Material – High Density Polypropylene
  • Vented Bump Cap
  • 4-Point Plastic Suspension with Pin Lock
  • Low-Risk Environments Only
  • Made in the USA

Multiple Options

  • Size – Universal
  • Colors – White, Black, Gray, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and Blue
  • Material – High Density Polyethylene
  • Weight – 215 gm
  • Shell Thickness – 1.35 – 2.15 mm
  • Suspension Adjusting Sizing – 6.5 – 8
  • Suspension – 4-Point Glide Lock Suspension
  • Standards – Not-Rated