Allegro Blower Ducting, 12" Diameter

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  • 12 inch diameter
  • Lightweight and retractable
  • Single ply
  • Available in statically conductive style


Full Description

Allegro Blower Ducting, 12" Diameter

Lightweight and flexible, this ducting from Allegro is designed for maximum air handling capabilities with dual direction flow and low friction loss. All while providing a safe way of discharging static build up. This ducting is single ply and designed with vinyl and polyester materials with a PVC or Neoprene (statically conductive) coating. Regular ducting is yellow with a black weather strip for visibility on the job. Meets ASTM 227 specs. The Statically conductive is black and features a grounding wire at each end. Meets ASTM Specs and UL-94-VO requirements. Choose your length above and also choose from the Statically conductive feature.

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