Don't be a Fool! Are you using the correct Insulated Tool?

Why do you need Insulated Tools?

Insulated Tools

Remember this Valentineís Day, a spark in love and a spark from an electrical hazard are two very different things!

Do you feel the Spark?

When it comes to working on High Voltage systems, it isnít just what you wear... There are Critical Tools (pun very much intended!) that are necessary to keep you and your co-workers safe. You might feel itís just easy to grab a regular wrench or socket set out of your tool box, but taking the extra time to procure the appropriate tool can be life saving.

Our Critical Insulated Tools for working with high voltage are double coated to make sure there is no question that these tools are ready to use! While many of our OEL Insulated Tools for Workers have lifetime warranties, tools can become damaged when not taken care of properly. Tossing them into a tool box can cause abrasions or cuts to the insulation which can allow electricity to flow through to you. The double insulation will show you when damage has been done by showing the yellow bottom coating through letting you know itís time to replace!

Our Double Insulated Electrical Tools are Made in the USA and many meet the specifications for Electric Vehicle (EV) Maintenance. We offer Insulated Tools in large, comprehensive kits like our OEL MTK Deluxe Maintenance 30 Piece Insulated Tool Kit with 30 pieces, our 20 Piece OEL Insulated Electricians Tool Kit and sell Individual Insulated Hand Tools for when you need to replace a single item in your kit or are in need of a back-up. The tools are manufactured for use in compliance with:

  • Meets IEC 60900 Stands for Insulated Hand Tools
  • Exceeds ASTM 1505 Standards for Insulated Hand Tools
  • Tested to 10,000VAC/1500VDC Maximum Exposure
  • Helps you meet OSHA Requirements 29 CFR Part 1910.331-335
  • Subpart S; 29CFR Part 1910.269 Subpart K
  • Meets NFPA 70E Requirements
  • Impact and Flame Retardant

To complement our Electrical Safety Line we also offer a wide range of Lockout Tagout Safety, Arc Suppression Blankets & Switchboard Mats. To round out our high voltage protection solutions, we are the #1 Supplier of NFPA 70E Arc Flash Clothing and Gloves to many construction and public safety companies across the nation.

At the end of last year we launched our new Q & A capabilities where you can ask questions about specific products and get a fast answer Ė or see if someone else had the same question! We are adding to this page daily to help keep our customer informed.

Remember our Critical Mission is to get your home in one piece every day. Take care and stay safe!