Honeywell® Pipeliner™ 110WH Fiberglass Fixed Front Welding Helmet, Shade 10 Lens

Item #110-WH

The Honeywell 110WH Fibre-Metal® Pipeliner™ Welding Helmet is a durable white helmet made of fiberglass. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of pipe welders, ensuring their safety and productivity in challenging welding conditions. With its compact design, this helmet enables access to tight spaces where a standard helmet wouldn't fit. The ratchet headgear of this helmet provides both comfort and functionality, allowing for easy adjustments.

  • White
  • Fiberglass Shell
  • Shade #10 polycarbonate filter plate
  • 4.25” x 2” viewing area
  • P242 CR-38 clear coverplate
  • Compact design to allow access to smaller areas
  • Ratchet headgear


Molded from SuperGlas Plus™, a material formulated for light weight, and strength. Provides everything pipe welders need to be safe and productive under the harshest welding conditions. Impervious to moisture, impact-resistant Pipeliners will not crack, chip or split. Compact design allows access to areas where there is no room for a standard helmet. Shade 10. White.

  • Impervious to moisture, impact resistant, will not crack, chip or split
  • Compact design allows access to tight places
  • Ratchet headgear for use where space limitations are not as severe
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