Roof Anchors, Safewaze FS871 Knock-Down Roof Anchor

Item #FS871

The Safewaze Knock-Down Roof Anchor is an economical, disposable solution.  The simple design accommodates a wide variety of wood roof pitches.  The plated and flexible steel is easily nailed into the desired location.

  • Disposable, knockdown design
  • Installs on sloped or flat wood roofs
  • Fasteners not included


  • Materials: Zinc plated steel
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Length: 16.25”
  • Breaking Strength: 3600 lbs. minimum
  • ANSI Weight Capacity: 130-310 lbs
  • OHSA Standards 1926.502, 1910.140


Safewaze FS871 Knock-Down Roof Anchor

The Safewaze knock-down roof anchor is designed to be used as a single anchor point for no more than one person at a time.  Connection to anchor must be made with locking carabiner or double-locking snap hook. Attach anchor with (6) 16-penny spiral nails (3 in min length). All holes must be used in anchorage.


  • Disposable roof anchor
  • Galvanized steel


  • Overall Length: 16.25"
  • Materials: Galvanized Steel Sheet
  • Weight: 0.79 lbs
  • Material Thickness:  0.06"
  • Distance (front bottom to top holes): 4.44"
  • Width of Plate: 1.75"
  • Number of holes: 6
  • Hole Diameter: 0.18"
  • Weight Capacity: 310 lbs
  • Minimum Breaking Load: 5000 lbs
  • Standards:  Meets OSHA 1926-502 - ANSI Z359.1-2007 - ANSI A10.32 2012

*Anchorages used for attachment of personal fall arrest equipment shall be independent of any anchorage being used to support or supend platforms and be capable of supporting at least 5,000 (22.2kN) pounds per employee attached.

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