ENPAC Large Tote 95 Gallon Spill Kit

  • Absorbs up to 95 gallons
  • Load Capacity: 500 lbs


Full Description

ENPAC Large Tote 95 Gallon Spill Kit

With wheels and handles, these new Tote Spill Kits are compact, portable and durable. The Large Tote Spill Kit stands up to the most extreme conditions, also absorbing up to 95 gallons of any spilled substance. The handles and wheels make these kits easy to use in any work area.  Wheel Set bagged and packed in the tote on top of the kit - including installation instructions

Spill Kit includes:
1 - 1 - Large Tote Combo w/4” Wheel Set
150 - Pads (Universal, Aggressive OR Oil Only)
10 - Large Sock (Universal, Aggressive OR Oil Only)
30 - Small Socks (Universal, Aggressive OR Oil Only)
1 - Package Wipes
15 - Disposal Bags & Ties
2 - Pr Nitrile Gloves
2 - Pr Goggles
1 - Emergency Response Guide
1 - Instruction Sheet and MSDS(s).

Regulations: EPA, SPCC, NPDES

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